Tuesday, November 19, 2013

British report on German armor piercing projectiles

The very interesting report ADM 213/951 ‘German steel armour piercing projectiles and theory of penetration’ is available from World of Tanks forum user Daigensui.

From page 19 onwards there is a review of the German method of staging and conducting tank round penetration trials. Source of the information was
‘The writer was fortunate in tracing Oberbaurat HENNING TELTZ of Wa Pruef 1 (1X). This man was in charge of the firing of all trials of A.P. Shell against armour plate, masonry, concrete and soil and was responsible to Oberst Plas. He joined the H.W.A. in July 1933 and thus had considerable experience. He had been living under an assumed name and informed the author that he was the first allied officer who had interviewed him. He was cooperative and appeared to be most efficient and it is thought that the information given by him is complete and trustworthy.’

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