Tuesday, March 17, 2020

List of TICOM M reports

Again thanks to Dermot Turing, who copied the TICOM report M-15, it was possible to identify the titles of the TICOM M reports 1-15.

M-1 Vierling's Laboratory at Ebermannastadt
M-2 Major Barlow's Report on Dr. Vierling's Laboratory
M-3 'DELTA' Machine
M-4 Full Preliminary Report of Investigation of Dr. Vierling's Laboratory "Feuerstein"- by Major Heller
M-5 Demonstration of Kesselring ‘’Fish Train’’
M-6 Interim Report on Laboratorium Feuerstein - by Lieuts. Howard and Tompkins, U.S.N.R.
M-7 Report on Multichannel Intercept Teletype (HMFS)
M-8 Diary kept by Captain T. Carter, I.C., of Tests on Baudot Equipment conducted in the U.K. 29/6-8/7/45
M-9 Report on German Multi-Plex Intercept Equipment by Lt. Holmes, A.U.S.
M-10 Note on German Antenna Multicouplers
M-11 Five Drawings of the Lueckenfuellerwalze
M-12 CIOS Target Evaluation Report on Laboratorium FEUERSTEIN, Ebermannstadt
M-13 Manufacture of Enigma Machines by HEIMSOETH & RINKE, Berlin
M-14 Note to TICOM/M-5 (Kesselring ‘’Fish Train’’)
M-15 List of TICOM/M-reports 1-14

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

List of TICOM I reports

Here is a list of the TICOM I reports 1-213. Thanks to Dermot Turing, who copied the lists from NARA, it was possible to find the titles for almost all of the reports.

I-1 Final Report on TICOM Team 3 on Final Exploitation on Burgscheidungen
I-2. Interrogation of Dr. Huettenhain and Dr. Fricke at Flenshurg,21 May 1945
I-3 Ubersicht der Russischen Chi verfahren
I-4 Record of conversation with Lt. Morgenroth
I-5 Report of Interrogation of Oberst Kettler on 21 May 1945
I-6 Interrogation of Lt. D. R. Muentz
I-6A Supplementary interrogation of Lt. D. R. Muentz
I-7 Statement of major McIntosh on Uffz. Graul
I-8 Conversation between TICOM team 6 and OKM 4/SKL III personnel
I-9 Notes on Kurier communications system
I-10 TICOM personnel lists (Brown list)
I-11 Allgemeine Aufgaben der Abteilung Funk.Opt.Signal und Erkennungsignale der 4/SKL II
I-12 Translation of the Preliminary Interrogation of O.R.R. Tranow of 4/SKL III/OKM, carried out at Flensburg on 24-25 May 1945 by T'ICOM Team 6
I-13 Composite Report on two Interrogations of Oberstlt. Friedrich, Chief of the G.A.F. Sigint Service, 18/5/45 and 9/6/45
I-14 TICOM personnel list (Brown list, revised)
I-15 Interrogation report of Oblt Schubert
I-16 Notes on interrogation of Amtsrat Schwabe and  Obfkmstr Warsecha on Russian naval ciphers
I-17 Extracts of SHAEF interrogations of Maj. Gen. Boner, Colonel Grube, Lt. Col. Mettig, and Major Rottler.
I-18 Interrogations of Oberst Muegge, O.C. of NA 4 and NA 7 of German Army Sigint Service
I-19 A-G Report on Interrogation of KONA 1 at Revin, France, June 1945
I-20 Interrogation of Sondertuehrer Dr. Fricke of OKW/Chi
I-21 "Preliminary Interrogation of Oberst  Kettler, R.R. Dr.Huettenhain , Sdf Dr. Fricke and ObIt. Schubert (OKH/Chi),15 June 1945
I-22 "Interrogation of German Cryptographers of Pers Z S Department of the Auswaertiges Amt
I-23 Interrogation of Major Ernst Hertzer, German Army Signals Intelligence Service (KONA 1).
I-24 Interrogation of members of OKM/ 4 SKL II on (a) soluble printing inks and (b) German-Japanese communications
I-25 Interrogation of five members of the RLM/Forschungsamt at Schloss Gluecksburg on 15, 21 June 1945
I-26 Interrogation of Oblt. Schubert (OKH/Chef HNW/Gen.d.NA) on Russian Military and Agents’ systems
I-27 Preliminary Interrogation of Fraeulein Hagen Head of English Section of Pers Z S, Auswaertiges Amt
I-28 Interrogation of Amtsrat Dr Stiehler of OKM 4/SKL II on German meteorological cyphers
I-29 Third Interrogation of Oberstltn. Friedrich, Chief of the GAF Signals Intelligence Service
I-30 Report on Interrogation of Uffz. Karrenberg at Steeple Claydon on 7th July 1945 at 11.00 am
I-31 ‘Detailed interrogations of Dr. Hüttenhain, formerly head of research section of OKW/Chi, 18-21 June 1945’
I-32 (no report issued, number cancelled)
I-33 Report on Traffic Analysis of Baudot traffic by capt. Jack Magilavy, AUS and D.R. Uzielli, SIXTA
I-34 TICOM personnel list (Brown list)
I-35 Paper written by Lt. Muentz of OKM/4 SKL III on the solution of the M-209 Hagelin machine
I-35A Appendices to the Paper written by Lt. Muentz of OKM/4 SKL III on the solution of the M-209 Hagelin machine
I-36 Translation of paper written by Reg Rat Dr Huettenhain and Sonderfuehrer Dr Dricke on the development of OKW/Chi, Sections A.III and B V
I-37 Translation of paper written by Reg.Rat.Dr Huettenhain of OKW/Chi on special apparatus used as aids to cryptanalysis
I-38 Report on interrogation of Lt. Frowein of OKM/4 SKL/III, on his work on the security of the German naval four-wheel Enigma
I-39 ‘Organization of OKW/Chi’
I-40 Report of work on Russian naval and naval-air systems for the period 1939 to 1945
I-41 Report on First Interrogation of Major Oeljeschlaeger, Addendum: Interrogation of Major Beulmann
I-42 Report on Fourth Interrogation of Oberstltn Friedrich (Head of OKL/Gen. Nafue. 3. Abt)
I-43 Report written by Vierling
I-44 Memorandum on speech encipherment by ORR Huettenhain and Sdf Dr Fricke
I-45 OKW/Chi Cryptanalytic research on Enigma, Hagelin and Cipher Teleprinter machines
I-46 Preliminary Report on Interrogation of Dr. Otto Buggisch (of OKH/Gen.d.NA) and Dr. Werner Liebknecht (employed by OKH and OKW as tester of cryptographic equipment) 23  June 1945.
I-47 P/W Situation report
I-48 Report on Special Interrogation of Drs. Huettenhain and Fricke, Oberst Mettig, and Lt. Morgenroth carried out on 29th July 1945
I-49 Notes on OKW/Chi and on intercept organization under K.O. Spain
I-50 Paper written by Lt. Muentz of OKM/4SKL III on statistical solution of the M-209 Hagelin machine
I-51 Interrogation Report on Ufrz. Herzfeld, Heintz Worfgang, and Translation of a Paper He Wrote on the British War Office Code
I-52 Papers written by Uffz. Herzfeld on Mihailovic and Tito ciphers
I-53 Construction of Schluesselgeraet 39
I-54 Second interrogation of five members of the RLM/Forschungsamt
I-55 Interrogation of Seven Members of NAA 11
I-56 On German diplomatic ciphers – Notes from an interrogation of Wilhelm Thoem
I-57 Enciphering devices worked on by Dr Liebknecht at Wa Pruef 7
I-58 Interrogation of Dr. Otto Buggisch of OKW/Chi
I-59 Interrogation of Uffz Arno Graul at Revin
I-60 Further Interrogation of Oblt. Schubert of OKH/Chef HNW/Gen.d.NA
I-61 Interrogation report on Friedhelm Baechle W/T operator with KO Spain
I-62 Field interrogation of Paul Ratz of the German Army Signals Intelligence (1933-1945)
I-63 Interrogation Report on ORR Herrmann Scherschmidt of, Pers Z S, Auswaertiges Amt
I-64 "Answers by Wm. Buggisch of OKH/Chi to Questions sent by TICOM
I-65 Interrogation Report on Four Members of the GAF Sigint Service
I-66 Paper by Dr. Otto Buggisch or OKH/ln 7/VI and OKW/Chi on Typex
I-67 Paper by Dr. Otto Buggisch of OKH/ In 7/VI and OKW/Chi on Cryptanalytic Machines
I-68 Consolidated Report Based on Two Interrogations of Oberst Randewig, of Hoeh. Wehrmachts Nafue z.b.V. 700, carried out at CSDIC on approx. 1 Aug. and 10 Aug. 1945
I-69 Summary of cipher information on Jugoslav traffic provided by Uffz. Herzfeld
I-70 Paper on the German Sigint Service by Oberstltn Friedrich'
I-71 Major Wm.P Bundy’s preliminary report on targets inspected in the Berlin area, during the period 8-11 August 1945
I-72 First part of the report by Wm. Buggisch on S.G.41
I-73 Translated version of homework done by Wm. Buggisch
I-74 Interrogation Report on Obgefr. Keller, formerly Auswertestelle 4 and Nachrichten Aufklaerungskompanie 611
I-75 Interrogation Reports on German Field Sigint Personnel carried out at BUFFER - Ltn. August Schroeder, Ltn. Starke, Obefr. Heudorf, and Hptm. Holetzke
I-76 Interrogation Reports on Lehwald, Haupts, Klett and Lauerbach
I-77 Translation of joint report made by Drs. Huettenhain and Fricke on the ‘Saehlwerk’ Enigma
I-78 Interrogation of Oberstlt. Mettig on the History and Achievements of OKH/AHA/ln 7/VI
I-79 Supplementary papers by Drs. Huettenhain and Fricke on the solution of the Hagelin machine
I-80 POW Interrogqation report - Obgefr. Clement Schuck Inps. VII/6 (OKH)
I-81 -Short POW Interrogation Report Received from AC of S, G-2, USFET
I-82 POW Interrogation report - Dr Werner Liebknecht of Wa Pruef 7 of the Heereswaffenamt
I-83 Additional interrogation of Lt. Morgenroth of 4 SKL/III
I-84 Further interrogation of R.R. Dr. Hüttenhain and Sdf. Dr. Fricke of OKW/Chi on questions set by Mr. Friedman
I-85 P. O. W. Interrogation Report on Reg. Rat Flicke, Techn Insp. Pokojewski, Stabsintendant Hatz of OKW/Chi
I-86 Interrogation of Oberstlt. Mettig of OKH and OKW/Chi on the higher direction of German cryptanalytic work
I-87 - Report on the Apprehension of Regierungsrat Voegele of LN.ABT.350'
I-88 Report on interrogation of Mr. K. Vetterlein of the Reichspost Laboratorium on German interception of transatlantic speech circuits
I-89 Report by Prof Dr. H Rohrbach of Pers Z S on American strip cipher
I-90 Interrogation of Herr Reinhard Wagner (OKW/Chi) on Japanese systems
I-91 POW Interrogation Report - General Major Robert K.H. SCHLAKE, Chief of Communications in the Main Office of the Ordnungspolizei, Ministry of the Interior
I-92 Final Interrogation of Wachtmeister Otto Buggisch (OKH/In 7/VI and OKW/Chi)
I-93 Detailed interrogation of members of OKM 4/SKL III at Flensburg
I-94 TICOM personnel list (Brown list)
I-95 Interrogation of Lt. Morgenroth on organization of 4 OKM/SKL III
I-96 Interrogation of Oberstlt. Mettig on the organization and activities of OKW/Chi
I-97 Report of Mr H.C Kenworthy on the Feuerstein Laboratory at Ebermannstadt
I-98 Interrogation of Oberst Randewig on German Deception plans
I-99 Interrogation Report of Hptm. Herbert Roeder (Head of Gruppe VI, Gen.d.NA, OKH, 1944-45)
I-100 Report by Uffz. Herzfeld of NAAST 5 (Gen. d. NA) on the Work of the Italian Referat of In 7/VI.
I-101 List of TICOM I reports 1-100
I-102 Interrogation report on Dr. Sebastian of the German Met. Service on Allied Met. Systems
I-103 Second interrogation of Reg. Rat. Hermann Scherschmidt of Pers Z Auswärtiges Amt. on Turkish and Bulgarian systems.
I-104 Report on Berlin targets by Major Heller of G.S.I. (S) 21 A.G., B.A.O.R.
I-105 Interrogation report on Frau von Nida wife of Major Wolfgang von Nida, one-time deputy head of OKH/Chi.
I-106 Final Interrogation report on the Norway party (NAA 11)
I-107 Preliminary interrogation of Obltn. Chlubek and Lt. Rasel both of III / LN Regt 353.
I-108 Interrogation of Goering on the RLM/Forchungsamt. (Goering – vol. 7)
I-109 Translation of a Report by Lt. Ludwig of Chi-Stelle Ob. d. L. (Ref B) based on questions set for him at A.D.I. - (K).
I-110 Information on Radio Communication Circuits operated in conjunction with Feuerstein
I-111 Further interrogation of Oberstlt. Mettig of OKH/Chi on 14 September 1945
I-112 Preliminary interrogation of Reg. Rat. Dr. Ferdinand Voegele (Chi Stelle, Ob.d.L) and Major Ferdinand Feichtner (O.C. of LN Regt. 352, etc.).
I-113 Interrogation of Major Dr. Rudolph Hentze, head of Gruppe IV (cryptanalysis), General der Nachrichtenaufklärung.
I-114 Further interrogation of Lt. Morgenroth of 4 Skl III
I-115 Further interrogation of Oberstlt. Mettig of OKH/Chi on the German wireless security service (Funküberwachung).
I-116 Report of interrogation of Lt. Alex Dettmann and Oberwachtmeister Sergius Samsonov of OKH (Gen. d. NA) at Oberursel, Germany, during August 1945.
I-118 Joint reports by Reg. Rat. Dr. Hüttenhain and Sdf. Dr. Fricke, written at CSDIC on or about 28 August 1945
I-119 Further interrogation of Reg. Rat. Voegele and Major Feichtner of GAF Sigint.
I-120 Translation of Homework by Obltn. W. Werther, Company Commander of 7/LN Rgt. 353,
written on 12th August 1945 at A.D. I. (K).
I-121 Translation of Homework by Obltn. W. Werther, Company Commander of' 7/LN Rgt 353,
written on 12th August 1945 at A.D.I.(K).
I-122 Interrogation report on Obergefreiter Hansa (OKH/Gen d NA)
I-123 Interrogation report on Rudolf Trappe (civilian) of OKH/Chi.
I-124 Interrogation report on Dr. Werner Weber of OKH/Chi.
I-125 Interrogation Report on Anton Stock of OKH/Gen. d. NA.
I-126 Homework by Major Feichtner, C.O. of LN Regt. 352.
I-127 Interrogation of Oberstlt. Mettig of OKW/Chi (September 1945)
I-128 Deciphering achievements of In 7/VI and OKW/Chi.
I-129 'Interrogation of SS Rottenfuehrer GRASSHOF'
I-130 Homework of Hauptmann Herold, O.C. of LN Regt. III/353.
I-131 Obstlt. Mettig of OKW/Chi on Wa Pruef 7 and RLM/Forschungsamt.
I-132 Notes by Hüttenhain and Fricke on OKW/Chi and the German I.S.
I-133 Homework by Lt. Rasch of III / LN Regt. 353.
I-134 Homework by 1st. Lt. Chlubek of III / LN Regt. 353.
I-135 Homework by Lt. Ludwig of Chi-Stelle Ob.d.L. (Ref .B).
I-136 Homework by Regierungsrat Dr. Hüttenhain and Sdf (Z) Dr. Fricke on Hagelin B-211
I-137 Final report written by Wachtmeister Otto Buggisch of OKH/Chi and OKW/Chi
I-138 not known
I-139 Account by Obergefreiter Holtermann of his work with OKM/4/SKL III
I-140 Preliminary interrogation of Funkhauptgefreiter Lothar Biege of 3 Kp, MPA, The Bight
I-141 Interrogation of Amtsrat Schulze of 4 SKL III.
I-142 P/W Barthel's Account of German Work on British, American, Swedish, and French Machine Ciphers (October 1945)
I-143 Report on the interrogation of five leading Germans at Nuremberg on 27 September 1945. (Jodl, Keitel, Doenitz, Goering, and von Ribbentrop)
I-144 Further interrogation of Lt Muentz of 4 SKL III
I-145 Report on the US Strip System by Reg. Rat Dr. Hüttenhain 
I-146 Detailed interrogation of members of OKM/4 SKL/III at Flensburg
I-147 Detailed interrogation of members of OKM/4 SKL/III at Flensburg.
I-148 German D/F and Intercepting System Against Illicit Transmitters
I-149 Report by Uffz. Karrenberg and colleagues on Allied Cipher machines.
I-150 Report by Uffz. Heinz W. Beyreuther on the organisation of OKH/Chi.
I-151 List of TICOM I reports 101-150
I-152 Second homework and report on further interrogation of R.R. Voegele.
I-153 Second Interrogation of Uffz. Karrenberg of OKH on the Baudot-Scrambler Machine (‘Bandwurm')
I-154 Interrogation of Uffz. Rudolph Schneider of In 7/VI
I-155 Report by Ostuf Schueddekopf on the Forschungsstelle Der Deutschen Reichspost at Langenveld near Eindhoven
I-156 Report of preliminary interrogation of Wilhelm Gerlich, AIC 1900, carried out by 3rd US Army, 28th September 1945
I-157 Chart of Communications Within a Russian Army Drawn up by Uffz. Karrenberg.
I-158 Report on Hollerith work at OKM by Dipl. Ing. Karl Schmaltz and Referat Dickof
I-159 Report on GAF intelligence based on interrogation of Hauptman Zetzche
I-160 Homework by Sonderführer Kuehn of Gen. d. NA. on General Organization and Work of French Referat
I-161 Further statements on Typex by Hüttenhain, Fricke and Mettig.
I-162 Report on Interrogation of' Kurt Sauerbier of RLM/Forschungsamt held on 31 August 1945.
I-163 Report on Interrogation of Hptm. Scheidl, Ltn. Sann and Ltn. Smolin, all of I/LN Rgt. 353 (East) on German Sigint Activity Against Russian Air Forces
I-164 Report by Kurt Sauerbier of RLM/Forschungsamt on Russian Agents' Traffic.
I-165 Interrogation of Kapitan Zur See Otto von Baumbach
I-166 Report by Uffz. Karrenberg on Russian cryptographic Course
I-167 Report by the Karrenberg Party on the NKVD
I-168 Report by the Karrenberg party on Miscellaneous Russian W/T
I-169 Report by Uffz. Karrenberg on the Bandwurm
I-170 Report on French and Greek Systems by Oberwachtmeister Dr. Otto Karl Winkler of OKH/FNAST 4
I-171 Report on Work on Russian Systems by Wachtmeister Berger of FNAST 6.
I-172 Interrogations of Hagen and Paschke of Pers Z S
I-173 Report by the Karrenberg party on Russian W/T.
I-174 Preliminary Interrogation of O R R Mueller of OKW/Chi
I-175 Report by Alfred Pokorn of OKH/Chi on M.209.
I-176 Homework by Wachtmeister Dr Otto Buggisch of OKH/Chi and OKW/Chi
I-177 Interrogation of Kirfel on Far Eastern Systems.
I-178 Homework by Hptm. Boedigheimer of IV/Nachr. Regiment 506
I-179 Homework by Obwn Riel of Störbefehls-stelle Balkans
I-180 Homework by Uffz. Keller of In 7/VI and WNV/Chi
I-181 Homework by Dr Werner Weber of OKW/Chi.
I-182 Homework on Russian Air Force by Hptm. Scheidl, Ltn. Sann and Ltn. Smolin of I/LN Rgt. 353
I-183 A.D.I. (K). Reports on GAF Signals Intelligence during the war
I-184 Interrogation of two members of the staff of Siemens & Halske (Rossberg and Jipp).
I-185 Letter from Fritz Wichert on interception and reading of Allied service W/T traffic
I-186 Interrogation of Oberpostrat Kurt VETTERLEIN on Attempted Tapping of Transatlantic Cables
I-187 Report on Production of ENIGMA Cipher Machines by the Ertel Factory, Hohenaschau
I-188 Interrogation of Liselotte Gebert of OKW/Chi.
I-189 Preliminary interrogation of Friedrich Stohlket
I-190 Extracts from report on interrogation of Dr. Hans Wilhelm Thost
I-191 Homework of Dr. Wilhelm Gerlich on Russian Systems
I-192 Interrogation of Gustav Schade of OKM 4 SKL III and of the Reichspost and Reichsrundfunk
I-193 Interrogation of SS Obersturmbahnführer Urban, Liaison Officer of RSHA/VI with the Crypto Bureau of Hungarian General Staff
I-194 Report by Dr. Regula on German metereological cypher systems and the German Meteorological Intelligence Service
I-195 List of TICOM I reports 151-194
I-196 Interrogation of Ilse Rantzau of the German naval sigint service
I-197 Further Interrogation of Amtsrat Schulze of OKM/4 SKL III.
I-198 ‘Short Brown List’, July 1946.
I-199 Report on Interrogation of Oberregierungsrat Nikolai Rohen, head of Anglo-American section of OKW/Chi
I-200 Interrogation of Min. Rat. Wilhelm Fenner of OKW/Chi.
I-201 Interrogation of Franz Weisser, Dr Mil Studienassessor of Anglo-American Section of OKW/Chi.
I-202 Interrogation of Min. Rat. Viktor Wendland of OKW/Chi (September 1946).
I-203 Interrogation of Herbert Marinick and Herbert Korn, former members of the Reichspost and OKW/Chi
I-204 Preliminary interrogation report of former Regierungsbaurat Johannes Marquart of OKH/Gen d NA.
I-205 Detailed Interrogation Report of former Regierungsbaurat Johannes Anton Marquart of OKH/GEN d. NA
I-206 Extracts from written homework by Min Rat Wilhelm Fenner of OKW/Chi
I-207 Report on interrogation of Major Dietrich G. von Truetzschler of the RLM/FA
I-208 Interrogation report on Kurt Selchow, former head of the Pers ZS department of the German ministry of Foreign affairs
I-209 not known
I-210 not known
I-211 Preliminary interrogation of Dr Hans Peter Luzius of OKH/In 7
I-212 Interrogation of George Ruckheim
I-213 Report on interrogation of Alfred Muche