Monday, June 1, 2020

End of the road

I’ve been posting here since 2011 and during that time I have covered a variety of subjects on military and intelligence history.

From the economics of war, to strength and loss statistics for the opposing sides of WWII, the performance of weapon systems and of course the use of codes and ciphers by the participants.

Especially in the field of cryptology I have presented new information using files that have been recently released to the archives of the US, UK, Germany and other countries. 

I’m happy to see that some of this information has found it’s way into new books and academic articles.

After covering all the cases that interested me I feel it’s time to stop updating this site. I am content with the essays I’ve written and I don’t think I have much to add to them.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the people who’ve helped me by giving me information and/or files. You know how much I appreciate it and how I’ve tried to repay you all by sharing my own material.

You can read my top essays here.

You can download files that I have copied from archives or received via the freedom of information program here.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

My experience with the US FOIA program

Since I no longer have any active cases I think it’s time to write a summary of my experience with the US freedom of information act program.

The good:

1). Everyone can request files using the FOIA program. This is really useful for those of us that are non-US citizens.

2). The agencies involved respond in a professional manner, assign case numbers, send letters detailing the progress of the case etc.

3). The FOIA departments that I had contact with responded quickly to emails.

Overall, from 2012 till 2018 I received 1 file from the CIA FOIA department, 1 file from the US national archives FOIA department and 20 files from the NSA FOIA department.

Total page count for this material was about ~1.300. So, I’m satisfied with the material I received.

The bad

1). The main problem was that my cases took too long to be processed. Files that had been previously declassified were sent to me quickly, however new cases that required review of the documents took years to complete.

Most of the files that I received from the NSA were requested in early 2012 and released in the second half of 2017.

2). For several of my cases the NSA FOIA department’s response was that the relevant files had been sent to the US national archives (NARA) and that I should request them from them instead. However, the document transfer numbers they gave me were in all cases incorrect.

In fact, it was the opinion of the NARA FOIA staff that the NSA was purposefully misleading me. I do not believe that to be true, instead I believe that they simply do not always know what kind of material they are sending to NARA.

The ugly

For whatever reason some of the people at the US national archives FOIA department were rude and/or passive aggressive. I did not let that interfere with my research till 2018 when I finally had enough and I cancelled my remaining two cases.


In conclusion I’d like to say that I am grateful for the existence of the FOIA program since I received many interesting files that contained valuable information.

Ideally, I would have liked to receive this material years in advance but c'est la vie…

Having said that, if I had to use the FOIA program again today I wouldn’t do it due to the great delay in the processing of the cases and the NSA FOIA department’s strategy of ‘reviewing’ a case for years and then informing me that the file has been sent to NARA and giving me incorrect transfer numbers.

If you are a US citizen it’s best to use the mandatory declassification review program. If you (like me) are not a US citizen, then there are simply no good choices…

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Cancellation of my FOIA cases

My two remaining FOIA cases were filed in 2015 and 2018. I decided to cancel both of them because so much time has passed that this material is no longer of use to me.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Histocrypt 2020 proceedings

The proceedings of the International Conference on Historical Cryptology 2020 are available here.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Interesting Enigma article

Cryptologia: Enigma: the spoils of Gustave Bertrand, or “par où tout a commencé” by Jean-François Bouchaudy


As early as 1931, Gustave Bertrand of the French intelligence services received from the traitor Hans Thilo Schmidt documents concerning the Enigma cipher machine. This machine was intended to equip all the German military forces. This is the beginning of an epic that has probably changed the History. The main documents collected by Bertrand have not been destroyed and are available in the archives of the French Army (SHD). This article describes and analyzes each of these documents, including the evolution of the Enigma and its procedures related in these documents. In conclusion, the article lists the findings that come from reading these originals and first and foremost the impact of having a cipher message with its plaintext on the British attempt to recover Enigma rotors wiring. Oddly enough, it seems that this message was not used by the Poles to break the Enigma.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

List of TICOM M reports

Again thanks to Dermot Turing, who copied the TICOM report M-15, it was possible to identify the titles of the TICOM M reports 1-15.

M-1 Vierling's Laboratory at Ebermannastadt
M-2 Major Barlow's Report on Dr. Vierling's Laboratory
M-3 'DELTA' Machine
M-4 Full Preliminary Report of Investigation of Dr. Vierling's Laboratory "Feuerstein"- by Major Heller
M-5 Demonstration of Kesselring ‘’Fish Train’’
M-6 Interim Report on Laboratorium Feuerstein - by Lieuts. Howard and Tompkins, U.S.N.R.
M-7 Report on Multichannel Intercept Teletype (HMFS)
M-8 Diary kept by Captain T. Carter, I.C., of Tests on Baudot Equipment conducted in the U.K. 29/6-8/7/45
M-9 Report on German Multi-Plex Intercept Equipment by Lt. Holmes, A.U.S.
M-10 Note on German Antenna Multicouplers
M-11 Five Drawings of the Lueckenfuellerwalze
M-12 CIOS Target Evaluation Report on Laboratorium FEUERSTEIN, Ebermannstadt
M-13 Manufacture of Enigma Machines by HEIMSOETH & RINKE, Berlin
M-14 Note to TICOM/M-5 (Kesselring ‘’Fish Train’’)
M-15 List of TICOM/M-reports 1-14

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

List of TICOM I reports

Here is a list of the TICOM I reports 1-213. Thanks to Dermot Turing, who copied the lists from NARA, it was possible to find the titles for almost all of the reports.

I-1 Final Report on TICOM Team 3 on Final Exploitation on Burgscheidungen
I-2. Interrogation of Dr. Huettenhain and Dr. Fricke at Flenshurg,21 May 1945
I-3 Ubersicht der Russischen Chi verfahren
I-4 Record of conversation with Lt. Morgenroth
I-5 Report of Interrogation of Oberst Kettler on 21 May 1945
I-6 Interrogation of Lt. D. R. Muentz
I-6A Supplementary interrogation of Lt. D. R. Muentz
I-7 Statement of major McIntosh on Uffz. Graul
I-8 Conversation between TICOM team 6 and OKM 4/SKL III personnel
I-9 Notes on Kurier communications system
I-10 TICOM personnel lists (Brown list)
I-11 Allgemeine Aufgaben der Abteilung Funk.Opt.Signal und Erkennungsignale der 4/SKL II
I-12 Translation of the Preliminary Interrogation of O.R.R. Tranow of 4/SKL III/OKM, carried out at Flensburg on 24-25 May 1945 by T'ICOM Team 6
I-13 Composite Report on two Interrogations of Oberstlt. Friedrich, Chief of the G.A.F. Sigint Service, 18/5/45 and 9/6/45
I-14 TICOM personnel list (Brown list, revised)
I-15 Interrogation report of Oblt Schubert
I-16 Notes on interrogation of Amtsrat Schwabe and  Obfkmstr Warsecha on Russian naval ciphers
I-17 Extracts of SHAEF interrogations of Maj. Gen. Boner, Colonel Grube, Lt. Col. Mettig, and Major Rottler.
I-18 Interrogations of Oberst Muegge, O.C. of NA 4 and NA 7 of German Army Sigint Service
I-19 A-G Report on Interrogation of KONA 1 at Revin, France, June 1945
I-20 Interrogation of Sondertuehrer Dr. Fricke of OKW/Chi
I-21 "Preliminary Interrogation of Oberst  Kettler, R.R. Dr.Huettenhain , Sdf Dr. Fricke and ObIt. Schubert (OKH/Chi),15 June 1945
I-22 "Interrogation of German Cryptographers of Pers Z S Department of the Auswaertiges Amt
I-23 Interrogation of Major Ernst Hertzer, German Army Signals Intelligence Service (KONA 1).
I-24 Interrogation of members of OKM/ 4 SKL II on (a) soluble printing inks and (b) German-Japanese communications
I-25 Interrogation of five members of the RLM/Forschungsamt at Schloss Gluecksburg on 15, 21 June 1945
I-26 Interrogation of Oblt. Schubert (OKH/Chef HNW/Gen.d.NA) on Russian Military and Agents’ systems
I-27 Preliminary Interrogation of Fraeulein Hagen Head of English Section of Pers Z S, Auswaertiges Amt
I-28 Interrogation of Amtsrat Dr Stiehler of OKM 4/SKL II on German meteorological cyphers
I-29 Third Interrogation of Oberstltn. Friedrich, Chief of the GAF Signals Intelligence Service
I-30 Report on Interrogation of Uffz. Karrenberg at Steeple Claydon on 7th July 1945 at 11.00 am
I-31 ‘Detailed interrogations of Dr. Hüttenhain, formerly head of research section of OKW/Chi, 18-21 June 1945’
I-32 (no report issued, number cancelled)
I-33 Report on Traffic Analysis of Baudot traffic by capt. Jack Magilavy, AUS and D.R. Uzielli, SIXTA
I-34 TICOM personnel list (Brown list)
I-35 Paper written by Lt. Muentz of OKM/4 SKL III on the solution of the M-209 Hagelin machine
I-35A Appendices to the Paper written by Lt. Muentz of OKM/4 SKL III on the solution of the M-209 Hagelin machine
I-36 Translation of paper written by Reg Rat Dr Huettenhain and Sonderfuehrer Dr Dricke on the development of OKW/Chi, Sections A.III and B V
I-37 Translation of paper written by Reg.Rat.Dr Huettenhain of OKW/Chi on special apparatus used as aids to cryptanalysis
I-38 Report on interrogation of Lt. Frowein of OKM/4 SKL/III, on his work on the security of the German naval four-wheel Enigma
I-39 ‘Organization of OKW/Chi’
I-40 Report of work on Russian naval and naval-air systems for the period 1939 to 1945
I-41 Report on First Interrogation of Major Oeljeschlaeger, Addendum: Interrogation of Major Beulmann
I-42 Report on Fourth Interrogation of Oberstltn Friedrich (Head of OKL/Gen. Nafue. 3. Abt)
I-43 Report written by Vierling
I-44 Memorandum on speech encipherment by ORR Huettenhain and Sdf Dr Fricke
I-45 OKW/Chi Cryptanalytic research on Enigma, Hagelin and Cipher Teleprinter machines
I-46 Preliminary Report on Interrogation of Dr. Otto Buggisch (of OKH/Gen.d.NA) and Dr. Werner Liebknecht (employed by OKH and OKW as tester of cryptographic equipment) 23  June 1945.
I-47 P/W Situation report
I-48 Report on Special Interrogation of Drs. Huettenhain and Fricke, Oberst Mettig, and Lt. Morgenroth carried out on 29th July 1945
I-49 Notes on OKW/Chi and on intercept organization under K.O. Spain
I-50 Paper written by Lt. Muentz of OKM/4SKL III on statistical solution of the M-209 Hagelin machine
I-51 Interrogation Report on Ufrz. Herzfeld, Heintz Worfgang, and Translation of a Paper He Wrote on the British War Office Code
I-52 Papers written by Uffz. Herzfeld on Mihailovic and Tito ciphers
I-53 Construction of Schluesselgeraet 39
I-54 Second interrogation of five members of the RLM/Forschungsamt
I-55 Interrogation of Seven Members of NAA 11
I-56 On German diplomatic ciphers – Notes from an interrogation of Wilhelm Thoem
I-57 Enciphering devices worked on by Dr Liebknecht at Wa Pruef 7
I-58 Interrogation of Dr. Otto Buggisch of OKW/Chi
I-59 Interrogation of Uffz Arno Graul at Revin
I-60 Further Interrogation of Oblt. Schubert of OKH/Chef HNW/Gen.d.NA
I-61 Interrogation report on Friedhelm Baechle W/T operator with KO Spain
I-62 Field interrogation of Paul Ratz of the German Army Signals Intelligence (1933-1945)
I-63 Interrogation Report on ORR Herrmann Scherschmidt of, Pers Z S, Auswaertiges Amt
I-64 "Answers by Wm. Buggisch of OKH/Chi to Questions sent by TICOM
I-65 Interrogation Report on Four Members of the GAF Sigint Service
I-66 Paper by Dr. Otto Buggisch or OKH/ln 7/VI and OKW/Chi on Typex
I-67 Paper by Dr. Otto Buggisch of OKH/ In 7/VI and OKW/Chi on Cryptanalytic Machines
I-68 Consolidated Report Based on Two Interrogations of Oberst Randewig, of Hoeh. Wehrmachts Nafue z.b.V. 700, carried out at CSDIC on approx. 1 Aug. and 10 Aug. 1945
I-69 Summary of cipher information on Jugoslav traffic provided by Uffz. Herzfeld
I-70 Paper on the German Sigint Service by Oberstltn Friedrich'
I-71 Major Wm.P Bundy’s preliminary report on targets inspected in the Berlin area, during the period 8-11 August 1945
I-72 First part of the report by Wm. Buggisch on S.G.41
I-73 Translated version of homework done by Wm. Buggisch
I-74 Interrogation Report on Obgefr. Keller, formerly Auswertestelle 4 and Nachrichten Aufklaerungskompanie 611
I-75 Interrogation Reports on German Field Sigint Personnel carried out at BUFFER - Ltn. August Schroeder, Ltn. Starke, Obefr. Heudorf, and Hptm. Holetzke
I-76 Interrogation Reports on Lehwald, Haupts, Klett and Lauerbach
I-77 Translation of joint report made by Drs. Huettenhain and Fricke on the ‘Saehlwerk’ Enigma
I-78 Interrogation of Oberstlt. Mettig on the History and Achievements of OKH/AHA/ln 7/VI
I-79 Supplementary papers by Drs. Huettenhain and Fricke on the solution of the Hagelin machine
I-80 POW Interrogqation report - Obgefr. Clement Schuck Inps. VII/6 (OKH)
I-81 -Short POW Interrogation Report Received from AC of S, G-2, USFET
I-82 POW Interrogation report - Dr Werner Liebknecht of Wa Pruef 7 of the Heereswaffenamt
I-83 Additional interrogation of Lt. Morgenroth of 4 SKL/III
I-84 Further interrogation of R.R. Dr. Hüttenhain and Sdf. Dr. Fricke of OKW/Chi on questions set by Mr. Friedman
I-85 P. O. W. Interrogation Report on Reg. Rat Flicke, Techn Insp. Pokojewski, Stabsintendant Hatz of OKW/Chi
I-86 Interrogation of Oberstlt. Mettig of OKH and OKW/Chi on the higher direction of German cryptanalytic work
I-87 - Report on the Apprehension of Regierungsrat Voegele of LN.ABT.350'
I-88 Report on interrogation of Mr. K. Vetterlein of the Reichspost Laboratorium on German interception of transatlantic speech circuits
I-89 Report by Prof Dr. H Rohrbach of Pers Z S on American strip cipher
I-90 Interrogation of Herr Reinhard Wagner (OKW/Chi) on Japanese systems
I-91 POW Interrogation Report - General Major Robert K.H. SCHLAKE, Chief of Communications in the Main Office of the Ordnungspolizei, Ministry of the Interior
I-92 Final Interrogation of Wachtmeister Otto Buggisch (OKH/In 7/VI and OKW/Chi)
I-93 Detailed interrogation of members of OKM 4/SKL III at Flensburg
I-94 TICOM personnel list (Brown list)
I-95 Interrogation of Lt. Morgenroth on organization of 4 OKM/SKL III
I-96 Interrogation of Oberstlt. Mettig on the organization and activities of OKW/Chi
I-97 Report of Mr H.C Kenworthy on the Feuerstein Laboratory at Ebermannstadt
I-98 Interrogation of Oberst Randewig on German Deception plans
I-99 Interrogation Report of Hptm. Herbert Roeder (Head of Gruppe VI, Gen.d.NA, OKH, 1944-45)
I-100 Report by Uffz. Herzfeld of NAAST 5 (Gen. d. NA) on the Work of the Italian Referat of In 7/VI.
I-101 List of TICOM I reports 1-100
I-102 Interrogation report on Dr. Sebastian of the German Met. Service on Allied Met. Systems
I-103 Second interrogation of Reg. Rat. Hermann Scherschmidt of Pers Z Auswärtiges Amt. on Turkish and Bulgarian systems.
I-104 Report on Berlin targets by Major Heller of G.S.I. (S) 21 A.G., B.A.O.R.
I-105 Interrogation report on Frau von Nida wife of Major Wolfgang von Nida, one-time deputy head of OKH/Chi.
I-106 Final Interrogation report on the Norway party (NAA 11)
I-107 Preliminary interrogation of Obltn. Chlubek and Lt. Rasel both of III / LN Regt 353.
I-108 Interrogation of Goering on the RLM/Forchungsamt. (Goering – vol. 7)
I-109 Translation of a Report by Lt. Ludwig of Chi-Stelle Ob. d. L. (Ref B) based on questions set for him at A.D.I. - (K).
I-110 Information on Radio Communication Circuits operated in conjunction with Feuerstein
I-111 Further interrogation of Oberstlt. Mettig of OKH/Chi on 14 September 1945
I-112 Preliminary interrogation of Reg. Rat. Dr. Ferdinand Voegele (Chi Stelle, Ob.d.L) and Major Ferdinand Feichtner (O.C. of LN Regt. 352, etc.).
I-113 Interrogation of Major Dr. Rudolph Hentze, head of Gruppe IV (cryptanalysis), General der Nachrichtenaufklärung.
I-114 Further interrogation of Lt. Morgenroth of 4 Skl III
I-115 Further interrogation of Oberstlt. Mettig of OKH/Chi on the German wireless security service (Funküberwachung).
I-116 Report of interrogation of Lt. Alex Dettmann and Oberwachtmeister Sergius Samsonov of OKH (Gen. d. NA) at Oberursel, Germany, during August 1945.
I-118 Joint reports by Reg. Rat. Dr. Hüttenhain and Sdf. Dr. Fricke, written at CSDIC on or about 28 August 1945
I-119 Further interrogation of Reg. Rat. Voegele and Major Feichtner of GAF Sigint.
I-120 Translation of Homework by Obltn. W. Werther, Company Commander of 7/LN Rgt. 353,
written on 12th August 1945 at A.D. I. (K).
I-121 Translation of Homework by Obltn. W. Werther, Company Commander of' 7/LN Rgt 353,
written on 12th August 1945 at A.D.I.(K).
I-122 Interrogation report on Obergefreiter Hansa (OKH/Gen d NA)
I-123 Interrogation report on Rudolf Trappe (civilian) of OKH/Chi.
I-124 Interrogation report on Dr. Werner Weber of OKH/Chi.
I-125 Interrogation Report on Anton Stock of OKH/Gen. d. NA.
I-126 Homework by Major Feichtner, C.O. of LN Regt. 352.
I-127 Interrogation of Oberstlt. Mettig of OKW/Chi (September 1945)
I-128 Deciphering achievements of In 7/VI and OKW/Chi.
I-129 'Interrogation of SS Rottenfuehrer GRASSHOF'
I-130 Homework of Hauptmann Herold, O.C. of LN Regt. III/353.
I-131 Obstlt. Mettig of OKW/Chi on Wa Pruef 7 and RLM/Forschungsamt.
I-132 Notes by Hüttenhain and Fricke on OKW/Chi and the German I.S.
I-133 Homework by Lt. Rasch of III / LN Regt. 353.
I-134 Homework by 1st. Lt. Chlubek of III / LN Regt. 353.
I-135 Homework by Lt. Ludwig of Chi-Stelle Ob.d.L. (Ref .B).
I-136 Homework by Regierungsrat Dr. Hüttenhain and Sdf (Z) Dr. Fricke on Hagelin B-211
I-137 Final report written by Wachtmeister Otto Buggisch of OKH/Chi and OKW/Chi
I-138 not known
I-139 Account by Obergefreiter Holtermann of his work with OKM/4/SKL III
I-140 Preliminary interrogation of Funkhauptgefreiter Lothar Biege of 3 Kp, MPA, The Bight
I-141 Interrogation of Amtsrat Schulze of 4 SKL III.
I-142 P/W Barthel's Account of German Work on British, American, Swedish, and French Machine Ciphers (October 1945)
I-143 Report on the interrogation of five leading Germans at Nuremberg on 27 September 1945. (Jodl, Keitel, Doenitz, Goering, and von Ribbentrop)
I-144 Further interrogation of Lt Muentz of 4 SKL III
I-145 Report on the US Strip System by Reg. Rat Dr. Hüttenhain 
I-146 Detailed interrogation of members of OKM/4 SKL/III at Flensburg
I-147 Detailed interrogation of members of OKM/4 SKL/III at Flensburg.
I-148 German D/F and Intercepting System Against Illicit Transmitters
I-149 Report by Uffz. Karrenberg and colleagues on Allied Cipher machines.
I-150 Report by Uffz. Heinz W. Beyreuther on the organisation of OKH/Chi.
I-151 List of TICOM I reports 101-150
I-152 Second homework and report on further interrogation of R.R. Voegele.
I-153 Second Interrogation of Uffz. Karrenberg of OKH on the Baudot-Scrambler Machine (‘Bandwurm')
I-154 Interrogation of Uffz. Rudolph Schneider of In 7/VI
I-155 Report by Ostuf Schueddekopf on the Forschungsstelle Der Deutschen Reichspost at Langenveld near Eindhoven
I-156 Report of preliminary interrogation of Wilhelm Gerlich, AIC 1900, carried out by 3rd US Army, 28th September 1945
I-157 Chart of Communications Within a Russian Army Drawn up by Uffz. Karrenberg.
I-158 Report on Hollerith work at OKM by Dipl. Ing. Karl Schmaltz and Referat Dickof
I-159 Report on GAF intelligence based on interrogation of Hauptman Zetzche
I-160 Homework by Sonderführer Kuehn of Gen. d. NA. on General Organization and Work of French Referat
I-161 Further statements on Typex by Hüttenhain, Fricke and Mettig.
I-162 Report on Interrogation of' Kurt Sauerbier of RLM/Forschungsamt held on 31 August 1945.
I-163 Report on Interrogation of Hptm. Scheidl, Ltn. Sann and Ltn. Smolin, all of I/LN Rgt. 353 (East) on German Sigint Activity Against Russian Air Forces
I-164 Report by Kurt Sauerbier of RLM/Forschungsamt on Russian Agents' Traffic.
I-165 Interrogation of Kapitan Zur See Otto von Baumbach
I-166 Report by Uffz. Karrenberg on Russian cryptographic Course
I-167 Report by the Karrenberg Party on the NKVD
I-168 Report by the Karrenberg party on Miscellaneous Russian W/T
I-169 Report by Uffz. Karrenberg on the Bandwurm
I-170 Report on French and Greek Systems by Oberwachtmeister Dr. Otto Karl Winkler of OKH/FNAST 4
I-171 Report on Work on Russian Systems by Wachtmeister Berger of FNAST 6.
I-172 Interrogations of Hagen and Paschke of Pers Z S
I-173 Report by the Karrenberg party on Russian W/T.
I-174 Preliminary Interrogation of O R R Mueller of OKW/Chi
I-175 Report by Alfred Pokorn of OKH/Chi on M.209.
I-176 Homework by Wachtmeister Dr Otto Buggisch of OKH/Chi and OKW/Chi
I-177 Interrogation of Kirfel on Far Eastern Systems.
I-178 Homework by Hptm. Boedigheimer of IV/Nachr. Regiment 506
I-179 Homework by Obwn Riel of Störbefehls-stelle Balkans
I-180 Homework by Uffz. Keller of In 7/VI and WNV/Chi
I-181 Homework by Dr Werner Weber of OKW/Chi.
I-182 Homework on Russian Air Force by Hptm. Scheidl, Ltn. Sann and Ltn. Smolin of I/LN Rgt. 353
I-183 A.D.I. (K). Reports on GAF Signals Intelligence during the war
I-184 Interrogation of two members of the staff of Siemens & Halske (Rossberg and Jipp).
I-185 Letter from Fritz Wichert on interception and reading of Allied service W/T traffic
I-186 Interrogation of Oberpostrat Kurt VETTERLEIN on Attempted Tapping of Transatlantic Cables
I-187 Report on Production of ENIGMA Cipher Machines by the Ertel Factory, Hohenaschau
I-188 Interrogation of Liselotte Gebert of OKW/Chi.
I-189 Preliminary interrogation of Friedrich Stohlket
I-190 Extracts from report on interrogation of Dr. Hans Wilhelm Thost
I-191 Homework of Dr. Wilhelm Gerlich on Russian Systems
I-192 Interrogation of Gustav Schade of OKM 4 SKL III and of the Reichspost and Reichsrundfunk
I-193 Interrogation of SS Obersturmbahnführer Urban, Liaison Officer of RSHA/VI with the Crypto Bureau of Hungarian General Staff
I-194 Report by Dr. Regula on German metereological cypher systems and the German Meteorological Intelligence Service
I-195 List of TICOM I reports 151-194
I-196 Interrogation of Ilse Rantzau of the German naval sigint service
I-197 Further Interrogation of Amtsrat Schulze of OKM/4 SKL III.
I-198 ‘Short Brown List’, July 1946.
I-199 Report on Interrogation of Oberregierungsrat Nikolai Rohen, head of Anglo-American section of OKW/Chi
I-200 Interrogation of Min. Rat. Wilhelm Fenner of OKW/Chi.
I-201 Interrogation of Franz Weisser, Dr Mil Studienassessor of Anglo-American Section of OKW/Chi.
I-202 Interrogation of Min. Rat. Viktor Wendland of OKW/Chi (September 1946).
I-203 Interrogation of Herbert Marinick and Herbert Korn, former members of the Reichspost and OKW/Chi
I-204 Preliminary interrogation report of former Regierungsbaurat Johannes Marquart of OKH/Gen d NA.
I-205 Detailed Interrogation Report of former Regierungsbaurat Johannes Anton Marquart of OKH/GEN d. NA
I-206 Extracts from written homework by Min Rat Wilhelm Fenner of OKW/Chi
I-207 Report on interrogation of Major Dietrich G. von Truetzschler of the RLM/FA
I-208 Interrogation report on Kurt Selchow, former head of the Pers ZS department of the German ministry of Foreign affairs
I-209 not known
I-210 not known
I-211 Preliminary interrogation of Dr Hans Peter Luzius of OKH/In 7
I-212 Interrogation of George Ruckheim
I-213 Report on interrogation of Alfred Muche

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Emperor of spies

Craig McKay has written a book on General Onodera, the Japanese military attaché to Sweden during WWII, and his intelligence gathering activities.

Like all the neutral capitals in Europe, Stockholm became a natural hub for intelligence activities during the Second World War. One of the chief participants in the search for critical information was the Japanese Military Attaché, Makoto Onodera. In this limited edition of 100 numbered copies, Dr. C.G. McKay, an acknowledged expert on the history of intelligence activities in Northern Europe and the author of  the now classic historical study From Information to Intrigue (Cass,1993)  and the co-author with Bengt Beckman of Swedish Signal Intelligence 1900-1945  has given a concise, stimulating and elegant account of Onodera's "intelligence bourse".  Based on archival sources in many countries and equally on McKay's own knowledge gained through conversation and correspondence with a generation of intelligence officers now dead, his book entitled Emperor of Spies, apart from being a book-collectors item of some value, deserves a place in the library of professional students of the history of intelligence. Price £25 plus postage.

To purchase email the following link:     

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The plan for 2020

When I started researching cryptologic history in 2010 I didn’t expect I’d still be doing it 10 years later. It just goes to show you that life is unpredictable.

During the year I’ll keep an eye out for any interesting books or articles but I will not do any active research on cryptologic history. As in 2019 I will post only when there is something interesting to report.

The HistoCrypt2020 conference might have some interesting presentations. Also the authorized history of GCHQ will be published in October. 

Apart from that I’ll be waiting for the processing of my two FOIA cases (TICOM report I-40 from the NSA and the Henriksson report from the State Department). However, if I haven’t received them till December I’ll cancel both cases.