Saturday, April 21, 2012


Time for some new TICOM reports !

This time I uploaded:

I-31 ‘Detailed interrogation of Dr. Huettenhain at  Flensburg on 18 - 21 June 1945’ ( only 2 pages declassified !)

I-58 ‘Interrogation of Dr. Otto Buggisch of OKW/Chi’

I-64 ‘Answers by Wm. Buggisch of OKH/Chi to Questions sent by TICOM’

I-67 ‘Paper by Dr. Otto Buggisch of OKH/ In 7/VI and OKW/Chi on Cryptanalytic Machines’

I-193 ‘Interrogation of SS Obersturmbahnfuhrer Urban, Liaison officer of RHSA/VI with the crypto bureau of Hungarian General Staff’

SI-32 Special Intelligence Report - ‘’German Signal Intelligence for Intercepting and Evaluating Internal Communications (Baudot and W/T) of Russia , Particularly Communications Concerning Economic and Industrial Management.’’ (Information supplied by Alex Dettman ,chief army cryptologist on Russian systems)

I have to thank Rene Stein of the National Cryptologic Museum for the  I-31 and I-193 reports.

Available both from my Google Docs and Scribd accounts.

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