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USA codes

Army Command and Administrative Network, IBM Radiotype and APO numbers

US Military Strip Ciphers

Einzeldarstellungen aus dem Gebiet der Kryptologie - Hüttenhain’s statements on the State Department’s strip cipher

Professor Wolfgang Franz and OKW/Chi’s mathematical research department
The unfortunate Henry W. Antheil and the State Departments strip cipher

Allen Dulles and the compromise of OSS codes in WWII

Joint Chiefs of Staff evaluation of Office of Strategic Services ciphers

Staff Study on OSS Cryptographic Plan - January 1945

The OSS Bern station and the compromise of State Department codes in WWII

The compromise of the communications of General Barnwell R. Legge, US military attache to Switzerland

Compromise of OWI - Office of War Information communications

Joint Chiefs of Staff evaluation of Office of War Information ciphers

Soviet codes
Compromise of Soviet codes in WWII
Soviet signals intelligence and the German Enigma cipher machine

NKVD operational and high level codes

The Forschungsamt’s biggest success

Bamford, the Russian ‘FISH’ and Unteroffizier Karrenberg - part 1, part 2, part 3
German exploitation of Soviet radio-facsimile traffic

Soviet Diplomatic Code 26 and the elusive Dr Roeder

The Soviet K-37 ‘Crystal’ cipher machine

Soviet naval codes and the Arctic convoys

Soviet cipher teleprinters of WWII

German signals intelligence and the Stalingrad offensive

British codes

The British War Office Cypher

The British Interdepartmental Cypher

B-Dienst vs Bletchley Park - The invasion of Norway and the Battle of the Atlantic

Rommel’s Italian savior

SOE cryptosystems – The German view

The British Typex cipher machine

Typex operational procedures

Polish codes

Solution of prewar Polish diplomatic code by OKW/Chi

Decoding the Warsaw Uprising

Forschungsamt success with Polish diplomatic link London-Washington

French codes

French Hagelin cipher machines

Normandy 1944

Normandy 1944 – What-if scenarios and the Fortitude deception

German fuel reserve - Normandy 1944

Compromise of US M-209 cipher machine prior to the invasion of Normandy

Operation Overlord and the secret messages of the BBC

Axis codebreakers

A who’s who of German Signals Intelligence

Italian codebreakers of WWII

An easy target - Italian codes and German codebreakers

German mathematicians in the cryptologic service

The codebreakers of the Japanese Foreign Ministry and the compromise of US codes prior to Pearl Harbor

The Japanese FUJI diplomatic cipher 1941-43

Decoded messages in the Finnish national archives


German disinformation operations - Barbarossa 1941

Economic intelligence

Economic Intelligence by the Forschungsamt

Neutrals and minor Allied codes
Signals intelligence and codebreaking operations during the Greek-Italian War of 1940-41

Compromise of Iranian codes in WWII

The German intercept stations in Spain

Swedish Army codes and Aussenstelle Halden

Wartime exploitation of Turkish codes by Axis and Allied powers

The Pope’s codes

Cipher machines

Cipher machines of WWII

The IBM Codatype cipher machine

Enigma cipher machine
Naval Enigma compromise and the spy in the United States Department of the Navy

Case ‘Wicher’ – Information from the war diary of Inspectorate 7/VI

Enigma security measures

Specialized cryptanalytic machines of WWII


Decoded messages of the Rote Drei

The Abwehr’s assessment of Russian women

Leaders of the Rote Kapelle

Kurt Jahnke German saboteur, Soviet spy?

P for Philby?

Abwehr agent Marina Lee and the Norway campaign

The resistance leader ‘King Kong’ and operation Market Garden

Dienstelle Klatt – A case of Soviet deception

German communications

Exploding telephone poles in the Eastern front

German 80mm Photophone - Carl Zeiss Lichtsprechgerät

WWII Statistics

German AFV losses 1941-44

German Tank losses FMS P-059

Eastern Front Aircraft Strength and Losses 1941-45

The German response against the Soviet T-34 and KV tanks

German AFV losses in the Eastern Front

RAF Bomber Command strength 1939-45

RAF Strength Far East Command – January 1942

RAF 2nd TAF strength 1944-45

British report on German armor piercing projectiles

WWII Myths

WWII Myths – The Me262 jet fighter and the dumb Fuehrer

German evaluation of captured Soviet tanks

Some facts on the Panzer V Panther

Was the Panther a ‘heavy’ tank?

WWII Myths – Weak Panzer Divisions after 1940

Battle of Britain 1940 - Strength reports and What If scenarios

WWII Myths – German lack of standardization

The Mortain counterattack – Effects of ULTRA and airpower

WWII Myths – Multitude of German AFV types

Book/movie/site reviews

‘Ultra’ the end of a myth. The war of the codes between the British and Italian navies. 1934-1945’

Book review - The triumph of Zygalski's sheets: the Polish Enigma in the early 1940

Gulf war studies
Encryptors and Radio Intelligence. Shield and Sword of Information World

C.G.McKay’s website ‘Intelligence Past’

New books on Soviet cryptology in WWII

Brute Force

War Over the Steppes - The Air Campaigns on the Eastern Front 1941-45

Strategic Bombing by the United States in World War II: The Myths and the Facts

Normandy 1944

Air Power at the Battlefront: Allied Close Air Support in Europe 1943-45

British Intelligence in the Second World War

Red Storm Rising

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