Tuesday, March 17, 2020

List of TICOM M reports

Again thanks to Dermot Turing, who copied the TICOM report M-15, it was possible to identify the titles of the TICOM M reports 1-15.

M-1 Vierling's Laboratory at Ebermannastadt
M-2 Major Barlow's Report on Dr. Vierling's Laboratory
M-3 'DELTA' Machine
M-4 Full Preliminary Report of Investigation of Dr. Vierling's Laboratory "Feuerstein"- by Major Heller
M-5 Demonstration of Kesselring ‘’Fish Train’’
M-6 Interim Report on Laboratorium Feuerstein - by Lieuts. Howard and Tompkins, U.S.N.R.
M-7 Report on Multichannel Intercept Teletype (HMFS)
M-8 Diary kept by Captain T. Carter, I.C., of Tests on Baudot Equipment conducted in the U.K. 29/6-8/7/45
M-9 Report on German Multi-Plex Intercept Equipment by Lt. Holmes, A.U.S.
M-10 Note on German Antenna Multicouplers
M-11 Five Drawings of the Lueckenfuellerwalze
M-12 CIOS Target Evaluation Report on Laboratorium FEUERSTEIN, Ebermannstadt
M-13 Manufacture of Enigma Machines by HEIMSOETH & RINKE, Berlin
M-14 Note to TICOM/M-5 (Kesselring ‘’Fish Train’’)
M-15 List of TICOM/M-reports 1-14

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