Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Time for some new TICOM reports:

D-4  ‘Summary of Relevant Items from the War Diary of OKL/Gen. Nafue. 3 Abt., June 1944 to April 1945'

I-13  ‘Interrogation of Oberst. Ltn. Friedrich’

I-29  ‘Third Interrogation of Oberstltn. Friedrich, Chief of the GAF Signals Intelligence Service’

I-41 ‘Report on First Interrogation of Major Oeljeschlaeger (various GAF Sigint appointments)’

I-42 ‘Report on Fourth Interrogation of Oberstltn  Friedrich (Head of OKL/Gen. Nafue. 3. Abt)’

I-70 ‘Paper on the German Sigint Service by Oberstltn Friedrich'

I-76 ‘Interrogation Reports on Lehwald, Haupts, Klett and Lauerbach’

I-98 ‘Interrogation of Oberst Randewig on German Deception plans’

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