Wednesday, January 11, 2012

British Air Forces in France - May 1940

In May 1940 the following RAF forces were stationed in France :

BAFF - British Air Forces in France :

 AASF - Advanced Air Striking Force: a bomber force within range of German industrial targets

 RAF component: whose mission was to provide reconnaissance and fighter cover to the British expeditionary force.

Their numerical strength (serviceable aircraft available) :

AASF :  Bombers -126

              Fighters - 28

RAF component:  Bombers - 55

                             Fighters -  57

                             Army cooperation - 76

Total : establishment - 408

            serviceable – 342

Although the numbers seem small it is actually a significant contribution from the RAF. The BAFF is 38% of serviceable RAF combat aircraft.

The problem for the RAF is that it is simply too small to fight on even terms with the Luftwaffe in the Battle of France.

Source : AIR 22/32 ‘’War Room Daily Strength Returns’’

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