Friday, August 26, 2011

German AFV losses 1941-44

How severe where German armored vehicle losses during the war? This kind of information is not easy to find but thankfully there are books with detailed data.

From ''When men lost faith in reason'' , p122 :

           Tanks   Assault Guns  Sum
 1941:  2,758      95                2,853
 1942:  2,648     330               2,978

Another source has slightly different figures :

From ''Waffen und Geheimwaffen des Deutschen Heeres: 1933- 1945'' pages 220,227,245,277 :

Tanks: special tanks (flamethrowers and command panzers) are not included.
Assault gun : Stug III and IV
Tank destroyers : Ferdinand,Nashorn,Hornisse , Jagdpanzer IV,V,38
Self propelled artillery: Wespe,Hummel,Grille,Sturmhaubitze.
Some comments:
In '41 and '42 losses are low ,despite having to fight against tanks with superior paper characteristics like the T-34.
In '43 and '44 losses go way up but with a twist.Tank losses rise in '44 but Stug and Tank destroyer/artillery losses explode.
In all cases production can cover the losses.The only exception is tank losses in '43,although it could be that tanks destroyed or heavily damaged in late '42 are written off in the '43 tables(Stalingrad disaster).

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