Saturday, September 8, 2018

Remaining research projects

What files am I still trying to locate? Let’s see.

1). TICOM report I-40

I requested this file from the NSA FOIA office in 2015. It was quickly located and placed in the review queue. However it has not been declassified yet…

2).  NAAS 5 reports:

There are two German Army signal intelligence reports covering the work of the NAAS 5 unit for the second half of 1944:

E-Bericht 4/44 der NAAst 5 (Berichtszeit 1.7-30.9.44) dated 10.10.44 

E-Bericht der NAAst 5 (Berichtszeit 1.10.44-30.12.44) dated 14.1.45

According to the NSA FOIA office they are probably in transfer group TR-0457-2017-0010. 

These files have been sent to the US National archives so I have to wait for NARA to process these files and then I can ask them to locate the NAAS 5 reports (assuming they are really there…).

3). Henriksson report:

According to my information on 18 October 1944 there was a meeting in Sweden between the US officials Wilho Tikander and L. Randolph Higgs and the Finnish officials Reino Hallamaa and Karl-Erik Henriksson.

Henriksson was the Finnish expert on US codes and ciphers and in this meeting he gave the Americans detailed information on the compromise of their diplomatic communications.

My researcher and the NARA research department have checked the files in collection RG 84 ‘Records of the Foreign Service Posts of the Department of State’ - ‘US Legation/Embassy Stockholm, Sweden’ - ‘Top Secret General Records File: 1944’ but they could not locate this file.

Thus I have filed FOIA requests with NARA and the State Department regarding this file. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

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