Thursday, July 23, 2015


I’ve added a scribd link to TICOM D-60 ‘Miscellaneous Papers from a file of RR Dr. Huettenhain of OKW/Chi’ and uploaded TICOM I-174 ‘Preliminary Interrogation Report on O.R.R. MUELLER of OKW/CHI’ in both my google drive and scribd accounts.


  1. Hi Christos - Thanks for the great articles. btw I see there is a new book in english on fremde here ost - bit expensive though. Hopefully it will have some good content.

    gm london

    1. You mean 'Hitler's Fremde Heere Ost: German Military Intelligence on the Eastern Front 1942-45'?
      This is the translation of 'Fremde Heere Ost: Hitlers militärische Feindaufklärung' (

      You can read parts of the book through google books preview. I don't think it has much on signals intelligence even though it mentions Horchleitstelle Ost.