Sunday, May 17, 2015


1). The following reports are available from the NSA’s website:

Flicke vol2

Interrogation of Samarughi, Giuseppe

Interrogation of Augusto Bigi

I’ve also added them in my TICOM collection (both google drive and scirbd).

2). I added the following paragraph in German intelligence on operation Overlord:
Division Field Code of the 29th Infantry Division

The US Division Field Code was a 4-letter codebook of approximately 10.000 groups, used primarily for training purposes. In 1944 the 29th Infantry Division, stationed in the UK, was using the 28th edition of the DFC for training messages. Some of these messages were solved by NAAS 5 which was the cryptanalytic centre of KONA 5 (Signals Intelligence Regiment 5), covering Western Europe. The reports of that unit show that these decoded messages allowed the Germans to identify the 29th Infantry Division and considering the unit’s rule during operation Overlord it is possible that they gave the Germans vital clues about the upcoming invasion of France.

3). I added the following paragraph in US military attaché codes of WWII:
It seems that both were referring to a telegram sent on July 24 1942 by Leland B. Harrison, US ambassador to Switzerland, to assistant secretary Gardiner Howland Shaw (who was in charge of the State Departments cipher unit) warning him that an Italian official had met with Harold Tittmann (US representative to the Vatican) and had told him that the US diplomatic code used by the embassy in Egypt was compromised. The Germans obviously solved this message and thus attributed the end of the Fellers telegrams to Italian treachery. However looking at the dates it’s clear that this was not true. Fellers changed his cryptosystem in June 1942, while this telegram was sent in July.

4). I added the following links in Italian codebreakers of WWII:
CSDIC/CMF/Y 29First detailed interrogation of Samarughi, Giuseppe’, CSDIC/CMF/Y 4First detailed interrogation of Bigi, Augusto’, CSDIC (main)/ Y 12 First detailed interrogation of Vassalio Todaro

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