Sunday, May 3, 2015

Friedman collection released by NSA

The NSA has released a huge collection of documents relating to William Friedman. Their statement says:This collection, composed of over 52,000 pages in more than 7,600 documents, including some sound recordings and photographs, has been preserved in the NSA Archives for its historic significance and value. The bulk of the material dates from 1930–1955 and represents Mr. Friedman’s work at the Signals Intelligence Service, the Signal Security Agency , the Armed Forces Security Agency, and NSA’.

You can search their database for specific reports. Here are the links to some files that I found interesting:
Security of our high-grade cryptographic systems - 1945

Study of decoded State Department messages (very interesting…)

Japanese telegram containing decode of US attaché message and the original

American Consul in Madras, India complains about the new cipher machine M-325


Work done on TICOM material by AFSA


Special conference on M-209 security – 1950 (even in 1950 Friedman didn’t know about the work of NAAS 5 and their decoding device)

Interrogation of Vassalio Todaro

Interrogation of two Italian signals personnel

Italian official informs State Department of code compromise in Cairo (mentioned by Flicke in ‘War Secrets in the Ether’)
Security of Allied Ciphers – 25 August 1945 (contains Soviet intelligence messages from Harbin embassy)

War histories list

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