Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Master of Homeland Security award

The site Master of Homeland Security has posted the 100 best sites on national security. This weblog is included in the list as number 15. Not bad for an amateur historian like myself!


  1. Congrats from a neighbour two places further in that list :-)

    About "amateur historian". That word amateur has such a strange connotation. One tends to link the word amateur to...well, what is says, amateur a.i. done in an amateuristic way, not professional done, and such. The contrary is more than often true.

    HAM amateurs often excell the skills of those who work with radios for a living, amateur sportsmen often exhibit more character and 'drive' that professional over-payed sports-prima-ballerinas and last but not least (in our line of interest) amateur cryptologists and puzzlers have saved the Allies after being rouded-up and packed into Bletchley Park, not forgetting all HAM and SWL amateurs who joined the Radio Security Service during WWII.

    If it wasn't for the widespread common use of that ugly word, I would never use it. But if I have to, Long Live The Amateur!

    1. Congrats to you too! I hope that site sends some traffic our way. As for the amateur part i meant it in the sense that I don’t have a degree in history.
      To be honest I don’t consider that a problem in the social sciences. Sociology, history, economics can be picked up simply by reading books.