Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Time for some new TICOM reports:

I-55 ‘Interrogation of Seven Members of NAA 11’

I-65  ‘Interrogation Report on Four Members of the GAF Sigint Service’

I-74 ‘Interrogation Report on Obgefr. Keller, formerly Auswertestelle 4 and Nachrichten Aufklaerungskompanie 611’

I-91 'POW Interrogation Report - General Major Robert K.H. SCHLAKE, Chief of Communications in the Main Office of the Ordnungspolizei, Ministry of the Interior'

I-106 ‘Final Interrogation Report on the Norway Party (NAA. 11)’

I-107 ‘Preliminary Interrogation Report on Obltn. Chlubek and Lt. Rasch, both of III/LN. RGT. 353’
Available from my Google docs and Scribd accounts.

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