Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Time for some new TICOM reports.

I-18 ‘Interrogations of Oberst Muegge, O.C. of NA 4 and NA 7 of German Army Sigint Service’ - 1945

I-68  ‘Consolidated Report Based on Two Interrogations of Oberst Randewig, of Hoeh. Wehrmachts Nafue z.b.V. 700 carried out at CSDIC on approx. 1 Aug. and 10 Aug. 1945’

I-75 ‘Interrogation Reports  on German Field Sigint Personnel carried out at BUFFER - Ltn. August Schroeder, Ltn. Starke, Obefr. Heudorf, and Hptm. Holetzke’ - 1945

I-111 ‘Further Interrogation of Oberstlt. Mettig of OKW/Chi on 14th September 1945’

I-121 ‘Translation of Homework by Obltn  W. Werther, Company Commander of 7/LN  Rgt  353, written on 12th August 1945 at A.D.I.(K)’ - 1945

All available either through my Google docs folder or my scribd account.

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