Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Time for some new TICOM reports:

I-90 ‘Interrogation of Herr Reinhard Wagner (OKW/Chi) on Japanese systems’ - 1945

I-109  ‘Translation of a Report by Lt. Ludwig of Chi Stelle OB.d.L, based on questions set for him at ADI(K)’ - 1945

I-119  ‘Further Interrogation of R.R. Voegele and Major Feichtner on GAF Sigint’ - 1945

I-154 ‘Interrogatlon of Uffz. Rudolph Schneider of In 7/VI’ - 1945

I-155  ‘Report by Ostuf SCHUEDDEKOPF on the Forschungsstelle Der Deutschen Reichspost at Langenveld near Eindhoven’ - 1945

I-186 'Interrogation of Oberpostrat Kurt VETTERLEIN on Attempted Tapping of Transatlantic Cables’ - 1946

I-202 ‘Interrogation of Min Rat Viktor Wendland of OKW/Chi’ - 1946

I-204 ‘Preliminary interrogation report of  former Regierungsbaurat  Johannes Anton Marquart of OKH/Gen.d.NA’ - 1947

Report of interrogation of Kurt Friedrichsohn - 1947
CSDIC/CMF/Y 40 - 'First Detailed Interrogation Report on Barthel Thomas’ - 1945

Available both from my Google Docs and Scribd accounts.

Also added professor Hoheisel in German mathematicians in the cryptologic service and made a change in  The US TELWA code regarding the SIGRIM code. This was the US War Department Telegraph code 1919 edition and not 1938 as i had written.

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