Thursday, February 9, 2012


Time for some more interesting files : 
TICOM I-115 - 'Further Interrogation of Oberstlt METTIG of OKW/Chi on the German Wireless Security Service (Funkuberwachung)'

CSDIC/CMF/SD 80 - 'First Detailed Interrogation Report on LENTZ, Waldemar, and KURFESS, Hans'

Both have been uploaded to the Ticom folder.The latter file has information on the Rote Kapelle , Soviet agents 'Otto'/Leopold Trepper and 'Fritz'/Victor Sokolov (and not Anatoli Gurevitch as i thought earlier !), the Sonderkommando Pannwitz and the agents section of OKH - In 7/VI.

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  1. Viktor Sokolov or Sukulov was an alias of A.Gurevich (Kent).