Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Russian FISH story - more clues?

So far I’ve uncovered a lot of details regarding the use of radioteletype by the Soviet Union in the 1930’s and 40’s. However there are still gaps in our knowledge. What is the history of this equipment? Was it built in the SU or imported from another country? 

File DF-296 ‘’Communications equipment in the USSR - Part A: Wireless communications equipment’’ is a translation of a German document written in July 1941. It describes several radio sets used by the SU at that time. I have to thank Randy Rezabek of TICOM Archive for sending me the NARA aid which mentioned this file.

Now I’m not a technician so I can’t be sure if/how this equipment is connected to the Russian Fish story but two references stick out since they mention teleprinters:

Notes : A1: Undamped unmodulated telegraphy  , A3: Telephony .


As always I have uploaded the file. If you have more information please share!

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