Monday, October 31, 2011

The Russian Fish that came from America?

Was the Russian multichannel equipment actually Russian or were some versions Lend Lease material?

According to Oliver Kirby NSA oral history : ...and they used a lot of US equipment .That's how we figured out which was which.

He's talking about the networks that were monitored.

Expect an update....


  1. Hi Christos,

    Thanks for the valuable information and links. Your articles on German SIGINT fill a gap in the world of blogs and I really enjoy them. My own focus lies on Cold War SIGINT and I have a special interest in WW2 and Cold War cryptology. Therefore, your pieces on German work in that field are most welcome, so I wrote a site review on your weblog. Keep up the good work!

    Dirk Rijmenants

    Cipher Machines & Cryptology

  2. Hi Dirk ,thanks for your words of encouragement!
    I know your site, if you remember some time ago i emailed you about the soviet teleprinters.

  3. Yes! With all those archives and documents, things start piling up in my grey tissue :-) I'm glad you started this one. Keep on roll'n