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A who’s who of German Signals Intelligence

Agencies :

OKH/GdNA (Oberkommando des Heeres. General der Nachrichten Aufklaerung) - Signal Intelligence Agency of the Army High Command ,(prior to 1944 known as Inspectorate 7/VI)

OKL/Gen Na Fue/III (Oberkommando der Luftwaffe/General Nachrichten Fuehrer/Abteilung III) - Signal Intelligence Service of the Air Force High Command.

OKM/SKL IV/III (Oberkommando der Marine/Seekriegsleitung/ IV/III) - Signal Intelligence Agency of the Navy High Command.

OKW/Chi (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht/Chiffrier Abteilung) - Signal Intelligence Agency of the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces.

Pers Z S (Sorderdienst des Referats Z in der Personal Abteilung des Auswaertigen Amtes) - Cryptanalytic Section of the Foreign Office.

Reichsluftfahrtministerium Forschungsamt (Air Ministry Research Department ) –  Goering's Research Bureau

OKW/WNV/FU (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, Wehrmacht Nachrichten Verbindungen Funkuberwachung) - Radio Defense Corps of the Armed Forces High Command.

Funkabwehrdienst der Ordnungspolizei  – Radio Defense department of the Order Police
Waffenpruefung  Abteilung  7/IV  - Army Ordnance, Development and Testing Group, Signal Branch Group IV , (Wa Pruef 7/IV)

Reich Wetterdienst -  Meteorological Service

Forschungsstelle der
Deutschen Reichspost - Research Post of the German Post Office

People :


Kempf ,  Col. Chief of OKW/Chi prior to 1943.

Kettler  Hugo, Colonel . Chief of OKW/Chi 1943-1945

Erich Huettenhain , Chief cryptanalyst of OKW/Chi

Menzer Fritz , Senior Inspector. Chief of section IIc of OKW/Chi which dealt with the development and production of special ciphers for government departments, industry, and the Main Reich Security Office  (RSHA) ,developing of deciphering aids for agents

Fricke Walther ,  Dr. Mathematician. Member of the section dealing with the security of German ciphers.

Stein Karl. Member of the section dealing with the security of German ciphers.

Hasenjäger Gisbert. Member of the section dealing with the security of German ciphers.

Fenner Wilhelm , Principal Specialist Chief at Division B of OKW/Chi (Cryptanalysis)

Mettig , Lt. Col. Second in command of OKW/Chi

Novopaschenny Fedor ,Prof. Chief of Russian subsection of OKW/Chi

Franke , Senior specialist In charge of work on Swedish BC 38 in OKW/Chi.

Weber Werner , Prof. Dr. Member of Section IVc of OKW/Chi
Franz Wolfgang. Member of the mathematical research department. Expert on the US diplomatic strip cipher.
Aumann Georg, Prof. Dr. Member of Section IVc of OKW/Chi (initial breaking of more difficult systems ,cryptanalytic theory)

Witt Ernst. Member of the mathematical research department.

Schultze Johann Friedrich. Member of the mathematical research department.

Aigner. Member of the mathematical research department.
Jensen,  Graduate Engineer. Member of Section IVb of OKW/Chi development of cryptanalytic machinery

Rotscheidt ,  Graduate Engineer. Chief of Section IVb of OKW/Chi (development of cryptanalytic machinery).

Rohen  , Senior Specialist. Chief of USA subsection of OKW/Chi

Bailovic Rudolf , Senior Specialist. Former member of Austrian cryptanalytic bureau, transferred at the time or Germany's annexation of Austria to Goering's Research Bureau (FA).After a short time, went to the Signal Intelligence Agency of the OKH/GdNA and in Oct 1944 joined Balkan Section or Group V of OKW/Chi

Bruckmann  ,Greek expert

Wevering , Senior Specialist. Chief of Scandinavian Subsection of OKW/Ch

Raffel  , Senior Specialist. Chief of Subsection V 6 (Italy) of OKW/Chi

von Nida, Wolfgang, Maj. Officer in charge of OKW intercept network in Spain.

Plankert, First Lt. In April 1943, succeeded Major von Nida as officer in charge of German intercept system in Spain, which was conducted by OKW

Flicke Wilhelm, Specialist. In charge of technical matters at OKW Intercept station at Lauf

Jeschol ,  Intercept operator in OKW Section Spain substation on Canary Islands

Thielen  ,First Lt. Succeeded Capt. Grotz as head of OKW Intercept station at Sofia.


Boetzel  , Colonel. Chief of Signal Intelligence Agency of Army High Command (OKH/GdNA) 1944-1945

Dettman Alexis , Head of cryptanalysis  at Intercept Control Station East (HLS Ost); later head of Section 3,Group IV of OKH/Gdna Specialty: machine cipher and research.

Schubert Horst. Head of the Russian section in 1943.

Hilburg, . Corporal. Member of Mathematical Section of In 7/VI.

Kneschke , Head of section 2 Group IV -non Russian traffic.

Denffer, Herbert. Member of the mathematical research department.

Rinow , Willi. Member of the mathematical research department.

Wünsche Günther, Dr. Member of the mathematical research department.

Schulz Werner. Head of M.E. department in English referat.

Steinberg , Technician Dr. Member of mathematical section of Inspectorate 7/VI. Transferred in Nov 1944 to OKW/Chi . Worked on Japanese machine. Expert on solution of M-94 and M-209
Luzius, Hans Peter,Dr.Mathematician in USA section of In. 7/VI .Specialty: M-209

Marquart. Commanding Officer NAAS 4. Head of Group 14, Sub Section 1a, of Signal Intelligence Agency of Army High Command.

Hentze Rudolf , Maj. Dr. Head of Group IV OKH/GdNA

Roeder  Herbert, Captain. Head of Gruppe VI  OKH/GdNA , 1944-45.

Pietsch , Specialist. Head of mathematical section of inspectorate 7/VI

Doering , S/Sgt. Dr. Mathematician of Inspectorate 7/VI , specialty: machine cipher and research

Buggisch Otto , Dr. Assistant to Doering in the cipher machine research department.

Valentin. Assistant to Doering.

Engelhardt. Member of NAAS 5.

Vauck ,Wilhelm. First Lt, Dr .Head of Agents section

Randewig , Col. Chief of Western intercept stations in 1939

Karrenberg. Member of OKH/GdNA Group VI. Expert on the Soviet cipher teleprinter.

Graul  Arno. Member of NAAS of KONA 1. Invented radio "fingerprinter."

Habel  , Captain. Successor to Seebohm as commanding officer NFAK  621 in North Africa. Captured February 1943


Martini Wolfgang, General. Chief Signal Officer of the German Air Force

Friedrich  , Lt. Col. Chief of Division III of the Chief Signal office (Signal Intelligence Service) and of the Chi-Stelle (Signal Intelligence Agency)

Voegele Ferdinand , Chief of Section E: of the Signal Intelligence Agency and Principal cryptanalyst of the GAF

Ludwig Martin, Lt. Member of Section B of the Signal Intelligence Agency (chief evaluator West)

Herold  Wadim, Captain. CO of III/LN Regt 353

Schulze  , Dr. Lt. Col. Chief of Division II of Chief Signal Office (communications and cryptography).

Werther Waldemar , 1st Lt. Attached to the 7th Company, 2nd Battalion, LN Regt. 353. The most capable cryptanalyst on Russian Air Force cryptographic systems on the Eastern Front


Paetzel Martin. Senior Specialist Dr. Head of Section 6 and alternate head or Main Section IV of the FA

Seifert Walter. Head of Main Section V - Evaluation

Schapper  Gottfried , Head of FA

Schroeder   , Ministerial Director.Head of main Section IV (Codes and Ciphers)

Kroeger , (machine specialist)

Guttler (intercepts)

Sauerbier Kurt. Head or Section 9-c, Main Section IV (Agent systems)

Oden (IBM specialist)

Pers Z

Kurt Selchow , Minister ,Head or Z Branch (Cryptanalysis,Cryptography,Communications) in the German Foreign Office.

Adolf Paschke , Senior Specialist

Schauffler, Rudolf , Dr , Senior Specialist. Cryptanalyst. Co-head of the Foreign Office Cryptanalytic section (Pers Z S) with Dr. Paschke

Kunze  Werner ,Dr. Head of Mathematlcal Cryptanalytic Subsection of Pers Z

Rohrbach Hans , Prof. Group leader in Mathematical-Cryptanalytic Subsection

Grunsky Helmut. Member of the mathematical section.

Brandes Wilhelm ,Dr – Head of group for France ,Belgium ,Holland ,Switzerland

Ursula Hagen, Miss – Head of language group England, Ireland; Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.

Karstien Hans-Heidrun Dr. Head of Slavonic language group.

Hauthal Horst. Compilation and distribution of codes and ciphers.

Krug, Hans-Georg, Technical Asst. IBM machine expert in Pers Z

Olbricht Peter , Dr. Deputy head of Japanese-Chinese language group

Zastrow, Karl .USA specialist

Rave Kurt

Radio Defence Corps

Von Bary , Major . Head of OKW/WNV/FU III
Wedel .Radio defence Officer Western Europe. Chief evaluator .

Preusch ,Obltn .Head of Aussenstelle Sued

Lorentzen Victor .Head of Aussenstelle Brussels.

Freyer Hubertus, Hauptmann .Head of Aussenstelle Paris from end ’43.

Wa Pruef 7/IV

Gimmler, Maj. Gen. Chief of Army Ordnance Development and testing  Group Signal Branch (Wa Pruef 7) 1939-1943

Karn , Successor to Gimmler .Captured in Tunis

Henigst , Successor to Karn.

Paechter , Head of Wa Pruef 7 Group IV

Kierkhoff .Head of Group IVc ( Baudot interception)

Britschneider. Member of Group IVc

Schellhoss  Hans , Dr .In charge of multiplex intercept equipment

Lotze , Dr. Head of Group IVe (ciphony devices)

Schone , Dr. Member of Group IVe

Muche Alfred.Member of Group IVe.Technician in charge of decoding the American A3 voice scrambler

Weidemann , Obstlt.Member of Group IV

Pupp, Dr. Member of Army Ordnance Development and Testing Group, Signal Branch (Wa Pruef 7), Section IV

Meteorological Service

Naumann ,Senior Inspector

Regula Walter ,Dr

Deutsche Reichspost

Vetterlein Kurt , Technician in charge of decoding the American A3 voice scrambler.

All the information is from  ''European Axis Signal Intelligence in World War II '' and TICOM reports.

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