Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bamford , the Russian ''FISH'' and Unteroffizier Karrenberg - Part 7

In part 2 i speculated that Uffz Karrenberg was one of the people in Rosenheim.Am i right or wrong?

From CSDIC (UK) SIR 1717 :

                                                                                                                                                C.S.D.I.C  (U.K)
S.I.R 1717                                                                                                                                          
16 Aug. 45

                                          THIS REPORT IS TOP SECRET

Consolidated report on information obtained from  the following PW: 
CS/2297: Uffz ERDMANN      (A)
CS/2299: O/Gefr GRUBLER    (B)
CS/2298: Uffz HEMPEL           (C)
CS/2300: Uffz KARRENBERG  (D)
CS/2296: Uffz SCHMITZ           (E)
CS/2295: Uffz SUSCHOWK      (F)

PW  A of Gen Der Nachr Aufkl ,Gruppe VI , Ref 3a , captured at BAD REICHENHALL ,4 May 45

PW   B,C,E,F  of Gen Der Nachr Aufkl ,Gruppe VI ,Ref 1c , captured at ROSENHEIM ,3 May 45

PW  D of Gen Der Nachr Aufkl ,Gruppe VI , Ref 1b , captured at ROSENHEIM ,3 May 45

Case closed ?

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