Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Cryptologic history Symposium 2019

The program for the NSA’s Cryptologic history Symposium has been posted.

There seem to be some interesting presentations about WWII and the Cold war period. For example:

Dr. George Lasry Modern Codebreaking of Siemens and Halske T52

Mr. Jock Bruce What Happened Next? British Army Sigint, 1919-1939

Mr. Tony Comer GCHQ Centenary History

Dr. John Ferris GCHQ during the Cold War

Mr. Richard R. Lonergan Re-Evaluating the Cryptological Dividends of the Battle of Nomohan at 80: The Impact of Soviet Breakthroughs into Japanese Code and Cipher Systems

Dr. Francis Jordan-Rozwadowski What the Metadata Say: A Study of OKW/Chi Decrypts of Polish Intelligence Traffic

Dr. David Kenyon How Fishy was ULTRA? – The Role of Encrypted Teleprinter Traffic in the Intelligence for Operation OVERLORD

Mr. Marty Busse COMSEC Lietuvos Partizanų

Dr. Paul A. Thomsen Terminating the Signal: How SIGINT Turned the Tide against Axis Submarine Predation in World War II

Mr. Robert J. Hanyok Answering the Age-Old Commander’s Question: What the Hell is Going on out There? – The U.S. Army’s Signal Information and Monitoring Units and the
Phantom Service

I hope that they decide to publish their proceedings online, like Histocrypt did.

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