Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Analysis of the Asia Minor campaign of 1919-1922

Impressive analysis of the Asia Minor campaign of 1919-1922 (in Greek):

I’ve always been interested in the Asia Minor campaign but unfortunately the books I’ve read so far tended to lack an in depth analysis of why the Greek forces failed to defeat the weakened Kemalist army.

The essays posted at the aforementioned site clearly point out the underlying problems of the Greek armed forces: the lack of professionalism of the officer corps, the rigid planning at the operational and strategic level and the lack of support between infantry, artillery and cavalry.

Great stuff!


  1. I wish I could read Greek. On a related subject. A soon-to-be-published book which also mentions the mass murder of Greeks by Turkey, up to 1924. A better standing of the Greek army during that war could have prevented some of those atrocities.

    1. You can use google translate. It’s not perfect but it gets the point across. Regarding the Greek populations in Asia Minor most of them were saved by transferring them to Greece

      However they lost all their wealth and belongings.