Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Bye bye mr Hayashi

In 2017 I tried to locate a file in the US national archives called ‘Interrogation of mr Hayashi’. 

According to the NSA FOIA office it had been recently transferred to NARA as part of transfer group TR-457-2016-0009. The reference I was given by NARA pointed to 36 boxes that have not been indexed, so the file could not be located by my researcher. 

I tried to find the Hayashi file again this year by asking NARA’s research department if they could locate it but I was told that ‘We have carefully searched our holdings with a particular focus on Record Group 457 - Entry P4…….however, we were not able to locate the file’.

Thus it seems that this is the end of my quest for the Hayashi file.

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  1. I have had similar experiences with NARA. NSA tells me the files have been transferred to NARA and NARA cannot find them. It seems NARA College Park is a growing Black Hole.