Monday, January 1, 2018

Mission accomplished?

As I said in a previous essay I started this site because I wanted to move away from history forums and create my own space in the internet.

Since then I think that I have written many essays of real historical value, especially in the field of cryptology. I am satisfied that I’ve covered in detail all the cases that interested me, whether they dealt with general military history, performance of weapon systems, wartime economic history or spies and cryptology.

I did this on my own without support from a university, think tank or government organization.

The remaining cases that I am going to pursue in 2018 are the following:

1). Carlson-Goldsberry report: I am waiting for the NSA to declassify this document. Once they do I’ll add the information in my essays on State department codes and the Finnish codebreakers.

2). Remaining freedom of information act cases: I have to wait for the declassification of TICOM reports I-40 and DF-196. Once I received them I will upload them to my Google drive and Scribd accounts but I doubt they will have any new information not already mentioned in the other TICOM reports.

3). Files in the US National archives: During the year I will check again with NARA’s research department regarding the NSA files that I was unable to locate in 2017. Specifically the TICOM report ‘Interrogation of mr Hayashi’ and the two German reports E-Bericht der NAAst 5’ for second half 1944. Unfortunately there are no guarantees that these files will be located.

Apart from that I’ll also keep an eye out for anything interesting like academic articles, release of new material to the archives, new books etc. I am especially interested in the following topics:

1). Office of Strategic Services codes and ciphers, especially any postwar evaluation of their cipher security.

2). The wartime achievements of the Soviet codebreakers and the codes and ciphers of the Red Army.

3). The Soviet cryptosystems solved by the Anglo-Americans in the period 1945-48. Unfortunately the NSA history BOURBON to Black Friday: The Allied Collaborative COMINT Effort against the Soviet Union, 1945-1948 has many chapters deleted. 


  1. Keep on going. Amazing how you dig up all that information. Have a great historical 2018!

  2. Congratulations on great work.