Thursday, November 24, 2016

Decrypted Irish telegrams from 1944

In The Irish Government Telegraph Code I’ve added some decrypted Irish diplomatic messages from 1944.

Source was the German Foreign Ministry’s Political Archive - TICOM collection – File Nr. 795 Irland 1944 Entschl. Verkehr (übersetzt) zw. d. versch. Irischen Botschaften.


  1. Hi Christos - off topic.

    Venona - apparently started from a code book found by the Finns in 39/40.

    Did the germans find any such code books? I would have thought they did.

    1. The partially burned codebook was found by Germans and Finns from the Soviet consulate in Petsamo. You can find copies of the pages from NARA - NR 3702 - PAPERS FOUND IN USSR CONSULATE AT PETSAMO.
      I think the burnt codebook is there, I have 3 pages from it.