Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tom Clancy passed away this week

Author Tom Clancy passed away on October 1st. Clancy had made a name for himself by writing novels which pitted US intelligence officers against Soviet, Chinese and Middle Eastern adversaries.

Clancy was no Shakespeare but his books were enjoyable although a bit simplistic since the USA was always a force of good and the enemies were usually the standard evil terrorists/Russians/Chinese/Iranians etc
I’ve read several of his books including ‘Red Storm Rising’ and ‘Red Rabbit’ and the movie ‘The Hunt for Red October’ (based on his book by the same name) is worth seeing.


  1. I largely agree with you, though I found "Clear and Present Danger" had a bit more nuance to it than most of the others. And "Red Storm Rising" is one of my favorite military thriller novels of all time. It's unfortunate that the quality of his more recent books seems to have degraded, at least in my opinion.

    1. Hmm haven’t read ‘Clear and Present Danger’. I think that his first books were probably the best. I had a look at some of the later ones and they weren’t that interesting. It’s a shame that the movie adaptations are bad (with the exception of Red October). On the other hand the man become a multimillionaire…