Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nuke the world

Have you ever wondered what would happen to Moscow if it was hit with a Trident D5 nuclear missile? How about a Tsar Bomba exploding over Washington DC?

Fear not dear reader, you’re not the only one with weird unusual hobbies! The website nuclear secrecy allows you to choose a city and a nuclear bomb and then see the effects of the blast.
PS: I found this site through the War Nerd’s article ‘North Korea, Wish Mao Were Here’.


  1. Remote, rural living, does provide peace-of-mind by being insignificant!

  2. important factors are not accounted for in this crude model: the altitude of blast (I presume the data is for air burst) and the produced radioactive fallout trace.

    But one thing comes out quite clear: with air-bust and a nuke yield above 100kT (the modern warheads are mostly in 100-450 kT range) most kills in urban area were to be caused by a firestorm much larger and far more devastating than firebombing of Dresden and Tokyo - whole area several miles wide would burst into flames simultaneously and create its own fire-tonado that would feed air into the blaze