Sunday, March 18, 2012

Problem with Google Docs

Since Friday my TICOM folder gives an error 500 if you try to access it without first logging into Google Docs. Several people have the same problem and we have left messages in the Google help forum.

If you log in to Google Docs and then click on the link it should work. Alternatively I have uploaded some of the files to scribd.

Update: Ok the problem seems to have been fixed.


  1. Hi der, the biggest problem is that when I would have to share some info than I'll ve to compulsorily log in to Gmail account which I think is not such a good idea, I've been exploring some alternatives for Google docs and found this tool called CollateBox which seems very handy. I think its gonna be a interesting for online sharing and collaboration.

  2. Thanks for sharing about CollateBox. Even I have been facing similar set of problems will check this one out.