Sunday, May 19, 2019


In the essays French Hagelin cipher machines and The French War Ministry’s FLD code I added information from the Bulletin de l’ARCSIarticles  Essai d'historique du Chiffre’. Specifically in the paragraphs ‘French Army codes and ciphers’ and ‘French military codes and the Battle of France’.


  1. Keep up the fantastic work. Your blog is great. Could it be that the Germans cracked the Hagelin machines before the war?

    1. It is possible. OKW/Chi must have looked into the C-36 and there is a statement attributed to Menzer regarding the C-36 being solved.

      However I do not have the report given as a source (TICOM DF-174 ‘Description of contacts of Fritz Menzer with American and Soviet authorities and summary of career’)