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Upcoming essay on Referat 12

Back in August 2014 I said:

Referat 12
Referat 12 (Agents section) of the German Army’s signal intelligence agency OKH-Inspectorate 7/VI dealt with the codes and ciphers of enemy agents. During the war they solved the cryptosystems of British, French, Belgian, Polish, Czech, Russian, Greek, Bulgarian and Norwegian spies and saboteurs. A summary of their work during the period May 1942- February 44 (last available reports) is in order. 

What happened to that essay? Well I was more interested in researching other cases so I forgot about it. I’m working on it now so it should be up next month. My essay will have lots of information on the work of Referat 12 versus the agents of the Soviet Union (Rote Kapelle, Rote Drei), Czechoslovakia (mbm net), Poland (PS nets), Britain (in Western Europe and the Balkans),  Belgium (Belgian intelligence service), Denmark (Communist party), Bulgaria (Soviet agents), Greece (SOE net), Norway (resistance movement) etc

Monday, July 6, 2015

Operation Overlord and the secret messages of the BBC

During WWII resistance movements in German occupied Europe were organized and supported by the British intelligence services SIS and SOE. Messages to their agents in Europe were sometimes transmitted through the radio program of the British Broadcasting Corporation. Agents were told to listen to the BBC at a specific time and wait for a prearranged message whose meaning would be known only to them.

For example:

The German intelligence agencies however knew of this arrangement and through their agents in the Resistance were able to learn of the meaning of some of these messages. In the run up to the Normandy invasion, the Germans were able to deduce from the BBC‘s messages that the Allied invasion was imminent and that the Resistance had been given orders to attack the German forces in France.

Source: British national archives HW 40/76 ‘Enemy exploitation of SIS and SOE codes and cyphers: miscellaneous reports and correspondence